How To Remove Moss From Your Roofs

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Leaves flushing out tree canopies should be the only greenery in the sky. If your roof is covered in mossy foliage, it’s time to clean it. Moss thrives in regions that aren’t exposed to the sun, so it can grow quickly on tree-shaded and north-facing rooftops. Moss can swiftly upholster roof surfaces by filling in […]

Top 5 Animals Living in Your Roof You Didn’t Know About

Damaged Roofs

Did you know there are animals living on your roof? When the weather becomes cold, animals and rodents instinctively search for warm areas to seek shelter. You may not have seen them, but they’re up there. If you’ve ever heard scratching noises coming from the ceiling or seen droppings on the floor, it could be […]

Roof Repair or Replace?

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Assuming your roof isn’t extremely old and you also notice several loose or damaged shingles, you can replace them. But for more expansive or more huge damage, it may be the moment for a new roof. The solution is a regular roof inspection so that you are informed of what’s happening up there. Types of […]