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About B&M Roofing

Locally Owned Roofing Contractor
Servicing Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama

Certified GAF Master Elite ®️
Licensed & Insured
Free Estimates
Peace of Mind Warranties
Family Owned & Operated Since 2008

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B&M Roofing Services

  • B&M Roofing Services offers roof repair and replacement.
  • They provide free on-site roof evaluations for Torn Shingles.
  • No roofing job is too large or too small for them.
  • They specialize in roofing services in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.
  • With extensive experience, they can quickly solve roofing problems.
  • Their skilled technicians adhere to the highest industry standards.

Quality Roofers YOU can TRUST

  • Professional Roofers You Can Trust: B&M Roofing offers reliable and trustworthy roofing services.
  • Quality Workmanship: Our professionally trained roofers ensure the job is done right the first time.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize unrivaled customer service, making you feel comfortable inviting us into your home.
  • Community Trust: Our community trusts and recommends us, building strong relationships with our customers.
  • Become Our Next Happy Client: We’d love for you to experience our top-notch roofing services! 🏠🔨

How Can We Serve You?

At B&M Roofing, our purpose is to consistently deliver top-tier roofing services to our clients, as they are entitled to nothing less. With a track record of numerous successful roofing projects, it’s no surprise that we are the go-to choice for our community. This is why quality is our primary focus.

We are constantly striving to enhance our services in two key areas: technology and experience. This commitment to improvement is what sets B&M Roofing apart and ensures our customers’ happiness and satisfaction. Your satisfaction is, therefore, our utmost priority.

We stand ready and eager to tackle any roofing challenges you may face. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and sincere, always offering fair pricing for our roofing work. This is why B&M Roofing takes pride in meeting our customers’ needs.

Living in the same community where we work, we view our customers as our neighbors! This is why you can rely on us for your roofing requirements. We assure you, choosing us for your roofing services in Mississippi will be the best decision you make! We guarantee it!


Residential Roofing System

Our residential roofing specialists conduct comprehensive assessments of all surfaces and offer free estimates for roof repairs. Whether your requirement is a minor fix or a complete new installation, we are here to help.

Residential Roofing System

With the help of our roofing specialists, we cater to your home’s every roofing need and preference. We have different kinds of roofing systems to suit your home.

Commercial Roofing System

We provide outstanding commercial roofing services, including repairs, replacements, and installations, among other things.

Commercial Roofing Services

We have the skills and capital at B&M Roofing to handle huge commercial projects. We can take on projects that our competitors can’t since we have the right licensing and deep understanding of building requirements in your location. Trust us to complete the task correctly, on schedule, and within budget.

Our experts at B&M Roofing provide more than simply shingle maintenance! We can also take care of your siding at a reasonable price. We use long-lasting materials to ensure that your siding lasts.

Remodeling Services

Our skilled professionals can assist you with any aspect of your renovation project. Our contractors have the skills and experience to renovate your bathroom or kitchen, as well as install a new floor or a new window. You can rely on us. As soon as you contact us, you’ll be one step closer to completing your renovation job.

Why Choose Us

GAF Certified Builders

We are GAF Factory-Certified contractors who offer a selection of GAF-backed enhanced warranties, allowing you to select the proper contractor and level of coverage for your project.

Family Owned & Operated Since 2008

Our reputation precedes us. We have gained the trust of many individuals and businesses through our consistently high-quality services.

Free Estimates

We provide free estimates for our services. Reach out to us and we will provide you this service completely free!

Licensed & Insured

We are a licensed and insured business so you can rest assured that your construction project is in good hands

Peace of Mind Warranties

We work only with the highest quality products and materials. Therefore we can assure you of the best possible warranties.

Many homeowners claim that finding a dependable, competent home repair specialist is difficult. You can rely on the B&M Roofing team of experts to provide you with high-quality services.

Frequently Ask Questions

How long have you been in the roofing business?

We’ve been in this industry since 2008.

What is the location of your main service area?

We are located in , MS, and the surrounding areas. B & M Roofing can help you with your roofing needs.

Is it true that you provide free estimates?

Yes, we do.

How much does a new roof cost?

The cost is determined by the pitch of your roof, the type of shingles used, the condition of your roof, and the number of layers of shingles used. The best way to figure out how much it will cost is to get a free quote.

How long can my roofing system be expected to last?

A new roof can last up to 20 years, depending on the type of roofing system used. Many other factors, such as the climate where your property is located, natural disasters, maintenance, and the construction process, can all have an impact on its longevity. A well-cared-for roofing system has the potential to last much longer. You can rest easy knowing your roofing is in good hands.

Meet The Owner

Rhett Dennison

My name is Rhett Dennison, the owner and founder of B&M Roofing. I started B&M Roofing in 2008 and since then the company has grown to become one of the best in the industry. B&M Roofing will treat you as if you were a member of our family, just like we do everyone else on our growing staff. We’re happy to provide you with the same benefits that our other B&M Roofing customers have received year after year.
As a business, we try to give our clients the best-customized service, professional expertise, and honest caring. Our reputation is built on the quality of our service. As a result, we guarantee our attention and dedication to each and every customer; striving to be the Gulf Coast’s Most Recommended Roofing Contractor. B&M Roofing is the best!

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